logging company Owego, NY

Help Your Young Trees Thrive

Hire logging services to thin out a forest

Logging operations don't have to be about clearing your land. Southern Tier Landscaping & Excavating offers land management services to encourage growth. We'll cut out the old or bad trees to provide more space for younger saplings to flourish. We won't over-harvest your land. We work based on a percentage of the trees we cut down that are sold. We will also buy firewood from you for resale. Call 607-205-9437 today to learn more about our logging services. We service Tioga and Broome counties.

5 benefits of logging on your property

Some landowners want to get logging done for financial reasons. There are, however, benefits to getting your forest thinned. Here are a few reasons why you should consider logging your property:

  1. It minimizes competition among the trees
  2. It improves the health of younger trees and removes diseased trees
  3. It improves safety due to the removal of old or weak trees
  4. It reduces the risk of forest fires
  5. It provides a source of timber for industries

We can also trim taller and older trees to provide more light to saplings. Learn more about the value of logging on your property by contacting Southern Tier Landscaping & Excavating.