tree removal Owego, NY

We'll Take Down That Tree

Hire professional tree removal services for your property

If there's a tree in your yard that's becoming hazardous or unsightly, Southern Tier Landscaping & Excavating offers tree removal services. We service Tioga and Broome counties. We will come to your property and remove the tree, whether it's your decision or something an insurance company recommends or requires. We have the experience to get the job done right so that no limbs or portions of the trunk fall incorrectly. Call 607-205-9437 today to get a tree removed.

7 reasons for tree removal

Of course, you need to remove a tree if it's dead or falling over, but there are also less obvious reasons to get a tree removed. Southern Tier Landscaping & Excavating will make those determinations, including:

  1. If the trunk is showing signs of decay
  2. If the tree or roots are encroaching on a structure
  3. If the tree blocks your view or causes too much shade
  4. If the tree has structural issues
  5. If you have too many trees on your property
  6. If your tree is diseased
  7. The tree is too large for its location

It's best to let a professional handle your tree removal to ensure no damage is done. Contact Southern Tier Landscaping & Excavating today to schedule the services you need. 607-205-9437